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13 July 2021 - 14 July 2021
Black Sea Medical & Healthcare Online Matchmaking Event

Black Sea Medical & Healthcare Online Matchmaking Event

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing an online Brokerage Event in order to bring together via online meetings to the medical companies in Black Sea Region / Turkey and their counterparts in Enterprise Europe Network countries.

The match-making event that is organized by Samsun CCI in the framework of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) project with the EEN  partners  brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of countries. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. The model is time - and cost efficient and result in business! Meetings will take place online and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

The Black Sea Region of Turkey and particularly Samsun city that the host organization of the event located, has a great potential on medical/ healthcare sector and the sector has a medical cluster active working in the region. By taking this opportunity, it is aimed by this event to assist enterprises, universities and research institutions in finding partners worldwide for product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, distribution partnerships, research cooperation, joint ventures, financing/investment, public buyers or other types of partnership.

Participation to the event is free of charge.

Sectors represented at the event in special are:

    1. Medical / Surgical Instruments
    2. Medical / Surgical Equipment
    3. Medical / Surgical Textile
    4. Medical / Surgical Implants
    5. Medical / Surgical Services
    6. Medical / Surgical Furniture
    6. Pharmaceutical Products
    7. Other Healthcare Related Products/Services
    8. Medical / Surgical Research and/or Innovation

    Why participate?

    • As purchaser - find qualified suppliers during effective one-to one meetings
    • As market/sales manager - find new customers
    • As product developer - find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

    How can you benefit from this event?

    • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
    • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
    • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
    • Stay one step ahead of your competitors by being seen and visibly present at the event

    The Top 5 objectives to make your stay a success:

    • Meet Partners and Customers
    • Discover New Products & Services
    • Prepare Purchases or Projects
    • Meet New Suppliers
    • Get Information about latest's trends

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    Participants 118
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    Türkiye 34
    Hungary 21
    Ukraine 16
    Bosnia And Herzegovina 10
    Bulgaria 7
    Slovenia 4
    Sweden 4
    Romania 3
    Taiwan 3
    Russia 3
    United Kingdom 2
    Spain 2
    Poland 2
    Malta 1
    North Macedonia 1
    Lithuania 1
    United States 1
    Canada 1
    Latvia 1
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    Lebanon 1
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